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While I live and work in Colorado and love photographing its many treasures, I enjoy the day-to-day life of photography and try to have one of my cameras with me as often as possible. My passion for photography started when I was very young, taking photos with a little 110 camera, then with a Kodak point-and-shoot given to me as a gift. Over the last decade I began to take photography on as a serious hobby. While some of the images here are the result of just having a camera with me, many more are the result of taking an excursion with the exclusive intention of making images.

The titles of the galleries are self-explanatory, except for Elements and Personal Projects. The Elements gallery contains intimate images of nature; the details not seen in a grand scenic or oddities I've observed while exploring or perhaps the combination of nature and the elements. Snow on golden aspen leaves, for example.

Personal Projects is comprised of images that mostly are the result of having a camera with me or are forays into subjects I have never photographed before, but created or seized an opportunity to do so. The peculiar effect fire has on a car. Decaying tractors.

To read stories behind these photos and for my latest updates, check out my blog.

I thank you for exploring my images. Enjoy.